Lifted 4×4 Golf Carts

The ultimate 4×4 lifted golf cart and the only 4×4 all electric off road golf cart available. This off road golf cart is run by two electric motors with speeds up to 18mph and a 27 mile range. Available with two motors with a combined horse power up to 30hp and a combined torque rating up to 170 foot pounds. Our 4×4 lifted golf cart equipped with our High Torque 48V motors will out pull a 400cc 4×4 ATV. This Buggy will take you places you never thought you could go with an electric cart!

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Power. Performance. Pleasure.

Introducing the first ever ALL electric 4WD ATV hunting buggy with reverse gear. Not only is it quiet, clean and environmentally friendly, it is strong, powerful and rugged to meet all of your tough needs.

This mean machine runs on dual electric motors with a 1,000 amp controller and the ability to haul up to 800 pounds. It is available with a cargo area and so many other features it will meet the needs of all users.

Talk About Power!

This mean machine runs on dual electric motors for a quiet, comfortable ride. This Bad Boy comes with a 1000 AMP controller that will handle the torque of two 15hp motors. It is able to climb hills, ease through ditches, and walk through mud. Even the toughest terrain is no match! This lifted golf cart has more ground clearance with mud grip tires than most gas 4-wheelers, up to two inches more! The Bad Boy can deliver 170ft lbs of torque. Check your ATV and compare to that!

So Much Power, So Many Uses

Our lifted 4×4 golf cart will not only get you to your favorite hunting spot quietly, you can also load up the game by folding down the back seat to make a convenient flat bed cargo area. You can also use it on the farm to feed the animals, carry supplies, get around the construction site, or use it around the garden at home. Need power, you’ve got. Need a hauler, it’s there. It’s many things to many people.

Convenient, Comfortable, Quiet

You need every advantage you can get to bag the big game. Running electric is not only good for the environment, it’s quiet as well. Take the Bad Boy 4×4 hunting and never spook the game again. Game won’t pattern your route or time of travel. Now you have the advantage.

Built to Haul

With an 800 pound load capacity, it is built to haul. This ATV will ride up to 4 people comfortably and inexpensively utilizing the back seating area. Or, just fold down the seat to make a convenient cargo area for your game, tools or supplies. Travel up to 27 miles at 18 mph on a single charge! Convenience is the key.

Great looking machine

Carry up to four passengers

Quiet, Clean, and Powerful

Climbs up a straight wall!

Built to suit your needs

All NEW (no rebuilt parts) 4×4 lifted golf carts come with a Manufacturer’s One Year Parts and Labor Warranty. Dual 15.5 hp motors. It is powered by eight, six volt Trojan T-45 batteries, a 1000 AMP controller and comes with a lift kit and 800lb springs, mud grips tires, rear spacer, front bumper, front basket, windsheild, headlights, flip seat, auxiliary power point, roof, roof rack, and fender flares. Available in Realtree camo.

*Note: Buggies do not have taillights as pictured above.


Click here for easy financing options.

Takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.

Additional upgrades and accessories:


Gun Rack Floor mounted



Allow an 6-8 weeks for delivery of buggies .

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